Importance Of Armed Security - 2011-08-01

Importance Of Armed Security! Armed security is needed in a number of places and situations. You will find armed security in all types of events, concerts, exhibitions, businesses, offices and parties. There are also those that offer services for car park management and ticket sales as well. Hiring security is a great idea and you can find c... more

The Importance of Home Security - 2011-08-01

Home security has become a very important issue over the past few years. Everybody who owns a home, a car, property or any precious personal possessions will want to safeguard it against thieves who want to take these things away from them unlawfully. To protect your family and your possessions, you will need to install a good security system.... more

C.C.T.V Installations - 2008-04-14

As from 01st May 2008 we will be increasing our services and are adding CCTV Installations onto our growing services offered.We will be using high quality cameras and will offer any installation to suit your growing needs.... more